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Spring Pests-Ants, Wasps and Moles

Macomb County Pest Control

Do you have ants in your house? Have you discovered telltale mole tunnels in your lawn? Are wasps beginning to build nests on your house?

With the temperatures warming, the ground thawing and the days becoming longer, all insects and vertebrates are becoming more active. They are looking for new nesting sites, building nests and foraging for food.

Carpenter Ants

The most common insect we encounter (and the most damaging to homes) are Carpenter Ants. They are more prevalent than termites and cause more damage than termites in Michigan.

Simply spraying over the counter products will not rid your home of Carpenter Ants. If they are nesting in your home, their nesting site must be destroyed. Our exclusive 5 Step injection process quickly destroys the entire colony. Combined with our semi-annual perimeter treatments, you can live ant free.


Wasps and ants are in the same biological family. Both insects are cold blooded, meaning their body temperatures will match the ambient temperature within their nesting site(s). I’m sure you’ve noticed that on warm, sunny days, wasps flying around your home.

Gradually, as the temperatures stabilize, wasps will begin building their nests. These overwintering Queens oftentimes build their nests in protected areas under our soffits or beneath deck railings.

Our Wasp Maintenance Program is one of our most popular programs. This one time treatment protects your home from seasonal nest building. It is a onetime treatment that is guaranteed through October. And should you see a new nest being built, we will remove it at no additional cost.


Moles live an entirely subterranean existence. Their burrows are often near the roots of large trees or shrubs. Their diet consists of earthworms and other insect larvae. This food preference accounts for the mole’s attraction to healthy lawns.

If moles are causing damage, never use toxicants as they are highly poisonous to all domestic pets and wildlife. Fumigants are largely ineffective as moles can detect gasses and quickly wall off the treated tunnels.

And, there are no home spray remedies or chemical repellents that are effective or currently registered for use on moles.

Our comprehensive program insures that moles are completely eliminated from your property. This program includes: 1) initial evaluation, 2) site preparation,3) bait placement and 4) final inspection.

Like all work we preform, there is a 3 month guarantee, though it is very rare we have to retreat an area.

We hope you have a safe and prosperous summer

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