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Mosquito Control

There are more than 3000 species of mosquitos worldwide with about 150 species in the United States. In Michigan we have approximately 60 species.

Mosquitos have four distinct stages of development; egg, larvae, pupae and adult. Because of their development life cycle, treatments for mosquitos must address all four stages.

Mosquitos are cold blooded insects. Put simply, their body temperatures are equal to the ambient temperature surrounding them. Adult mosquitos are most active when temperatures hover around 80 degrees. They become lethargic at 60 degrees and cannot function below 50 degrees.

Some species of mosquitos overwinter as adults and some eggs are able to withstand colder months and eventually emerge as adults.

As we approach late spring and early summer, the warmer temperatures and longer days means an increase of activity in our yards.

Mosquitos carry potential life-threatening diseases and viruses. Among the most common mosquito borne viruses here in Michigan is the West Nile Encephalitis (WN). This virus is transmitted by the mosquito species Culex pipiens which is the most common species found in urban and suburban habitats. This virus is transmitted from various bird species.

As pest management professionals we know and understand the importance of keeping your family and pets safe.  

Warmer temperatures, increasing rainfall, the increase in residential homes and associated landscaping as well as automatic sprinkler systems are just a few factors allowing for the increase of these infectious insects.

There are no shortcuts when servicing a home for MOSQUITO CONTROL. Our integrated pest management approach includes a comprehensive inspection of your property to locate breeding sites and all sources of infestations. And using the appropriate products to treat ALL stages of mosquito development is critical.

We use organic larvicides combined with Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) to treat breeding sites, as well as target specific adulticides to eliminate active adult mosquitos and ticks from your yard. The use of IGR’s and larvicides are oftentimes overlooked but are a critical step in successful MOSQUITO CONTROL.

 There are many products available to pest control professionals. However, we only use tier one EPA registered products to insure the most effective treatments while protecting the environment.

An integral part of our treatment protocol is educating our clients. Our skilled certified technicians will provide you with the knowledge necessary to reduce mosquito breeding site(s), management techniques as well as sound professional advice to keep your family and pets safe during the summer months.

Due to the increasing incidence of reported West Nile Encephalitis, the demand for our Mosquito Prevention Treatments has increased dramatically in recent years.

We have set the standard for ‘PEST CONTROL’ across ‘MACOMB TWP’, ‘SHELBY TWP’, ‘WASHINGTON TWP’, ‘ROMEO’ and the other communities in Macomb County.

This is because homeowners in our service area have recognized that our name, ‘ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS PEST CONTROL’ is synonymous with honest, caring, comprehensive and professional pest management service.

Remember, not all ‘MOSQUITO CONTROL’ is the same. With that in mind, we recommend you call early to reserve your treatment date. This will insure we are able to maximize the effectiveness of your treatments as well as providing you with the peace of mind knowing your family and pets are protected.

Wishing you have a safe and healthy summer!

To schedule an appointment, call Michelle at (586) 731-2120.

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