The clovermite is an arachnid that invades homes in the spring and fall of the year.  Many of our clients contact us, asking about very tiny bugs seen crawling on their walls around windows and doors of their homes.  When mashed, the dead mite leaves a red mark that resembles blood.  This red mark leaves most people to believe that they are dealing with a tick or other blood-feeding bug, which is not the case.

Clovermites feed on juices from plants, not the blood of animals or humans. This mite has a habit (in their natural surroundings) of migrating to trees where they hide in the tree’s bark.  If close to a home, the arachnid considers the building the same as it would a tree – a wonderful place to hide from extreme temperatures.  Entering through tiny openings around windows and doors, the clovermite invades the wall voids of the structure and then enter the house itself.